Heart and Determination


Red Velvet Cheesecake

A few days I ago I had a heart to heart with my younger brother about his life plan. He told me he heart and determination to pursue his career choice as a chef, and was starting a catering business. I told him to prove it to me, so today he made this cake. I guess he showed me!


9/11: We still remember


9/11: We still remember

Even overseas Sept. 11 is reverenced, as seen by this statue in a Costa Rican park.

“To you and your families the rest of us cannot begin to imagine the pain you have endured these past few years. But no matter how many years pass, no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this, you will never be alone. Your loved ones will never be forgotten.”

President Barack Obama Sept. 11, 2012

My Sept. 11 Recount, reminiscing ten years later

Agriculture Protest


Agriculture Protest

During an agriculture march from Central Park to the Democratic Assembly a young kid pulls an ox cart.

Costa Rican agriculture workers and farm owners from different farmer organizations came together July 31 to support a proposed law,  N° 18.070, that will exempt much of their agricultural land from taxes.  The protesters marched from Central Park to the Legislative Assembly to music and were greeted by a live band.  It was a true party with a purpose.